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My Teacher for President

Illustrated by Denise Brunkus

Dutton, 2004, 978-0-14-241170-4

Cover Copyright by Denise Brunkus, 2004

My Teacher Cover

My Teacher for President. When Oliver sees campaign ads on television, he writes to Channel 39 to say, "We are studying the President's job in school, and my teacher would be just right!"

Author's Comments: Oliver would like his teacher to be President. He thinks she is ideal because...she loves white houses, ...she goes to lots of meetings, ... she gets jobs for people, ... and much much more.  In this tribute to teachers, the election issues are spelled out, and it becomes clear that his teacher, like many others, would be the perfect candidate! In action-packed scenes, illustrator Denise Brunkus shows the school reality and the Presidential fantasy.. Text and illustrations give a humorous look at a timely topic.
What Reviewers Said:

Kirkus: Come November, lots of people would cast their vote for Oliver's teacher - just the kind, commanding, compassionate presence it would be good to see in the White House. It all starts so early, the fundamentals of a sensitive existence, and Winters makes the parallels simple to digest. A party candidate to get behind! (Sept., '04).

School Library Journal: Oliver's class has been learning about elections and presidential responsibility.  He writes a letter to Channel 39 putting forth a plethora of reasons why his teacher would be perfect presidential material. Winters keeps these parallels both humorous and pithy, and Brunkus's color cartoons add to the fun. Oliver's appreciation of his teacher ( she can only be president if she doesn't leave before the end of the year) is refreshing! (Sept., '04).

Publishers' Weekly: Inspired by TV reports about the upcoming presidential election, a second grader named Oliver catalogues why his beloved teacher, Mrs. Robbins, is ideal for the job. The result is unexpectedly poignant, capturing how unflappable, dedicated teachers such as Mrs. Robbins are commanders-in-chief of not only their classrooms but also their students' hearts. (August, '04).

Horn Book:  Books about election seem particularly of the moment. ...I suspect this book will find its way into many elementary school classrooms. (Sept.,'04)

Children's Book Council: Oliver, a savvy second grader, has been learning about the President's job. ... The apt correlation between these two very important jobs makes the book both useful and amusing. (Sept., '04).  

Awards / Book Club Selections:

Scholastic Book Club and Book Fair, included in their hard cover selection.
Banks Street College Best Books of 2004 list.

It was nominated for the following state awards:
The Beehive Award by the Children's Literature Association of Utah.
The Keystone State Reading Award by the PA Chapter of the International Reading Association.
The Young Hoosier Picture Book Award by the Association for Indiana Media Educators.
South Carolina Picture Book Award, 2007-2008.

My Teacher for President has been made into a Big Book by Childcraft Publishing for use in the classroom and is also available in Permabound.

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