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Did You Hear What I Heard?
Poems About School
Illustrated by Patrice Barton

Dial-Penguin/Random House
ISBN: 9780395389388(hardcover)

Text Copyright © 2018 by Kay Winters

Illustrations Copyright © 2018 by Patrice Barton

Lively laugh-aloud verses about familiar experiences like fire drills, permission slips, an escaping class pet, delight when the teacher is spotted at the supermarket instead of on the playground, laments over frequent testing, and head checks make this a school poetry book that resonates with young readers.

Did You hear?

Author's Note: 
As a kid, and a teacher,  I LOVED school. Did You Hear What I Heard? Poems about School celebrates the school experience; subjects taught, questions asked, feelings felt during the year.  Whether riding the bus, holding the class rabbit, discovering why zebras have stripes, or learning to delete, every day is a new adventure. And maybe the Principal will Kiss a Pig! Patrice Barton perfectly captures the magic of each moment with her engaging illustrations of diverse students and teachers

What Reviewers Said:
Thirty-five poems cover the school year from “Bus
Stop” to “Sing a Song of Summer,” with a fire drill, a snow day, April Fool’s Day, and Earth Day in between. Words and pictures work together to reinforce meaning , so this is a fine choice for new readers as well as children who are anxiously anticipating school. The Horn Book Magazine,  May/June 2018. Susan Dove Lempkie, Horn Book reviewer, Director of the Niles Public Library District in Illinois.

Winters covers the gamut of the school-year emotions recognizing that school encompasses much more than what’s on the lesson plan. Publishers Weekly Nov. 6, 2017.

There is a new poetry book that will take you through the school day and year…Each poem incudes facts, fun and the fantastic of school. There is something for everyone!  Jeanette. Staff Pick, Northshire Bookstore, Manchester, Vt.


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